What are the benefits of using virtual reality360 technology in real estate?

360 VR technology provides interactive
tours to potential buyers from anywhere in the world, saving time and travel
costs. This technology helps provide a realistic feel to the space and makes it
easier to make informed decisions quickly.

Customers can visit dozens of
locations virtually in just minutes to determine which properties are worth a
personal visit.

How much does it cost to implement VR solutions in real estate?

The cost of implementing virtual reality solutions in real estate depends on the complexity of the project and
the equipment and software used. Costs can include 360 cameras, VR headsets,
and editing software, as well as development and construction costs for the
virtual tours.

These solutions can be a good
investment to improve your property marketing and increase customer

How can Designers benefit from virtual reality technology?

Virtual Reality technology enables architects to create Detailed 3D visualizations of their designs. This helps identify potential design flaws
early, make modifications before construction, and present projects to clients
in a more interactive and understandable way.

This technology also contributes to presentations of projects
that are Not yet built, providing a more realistic experience for

As in interior Designer / Architect , by enabling designers to display
various furniture and decorations in virtual spaces. This saves time and costs
and allows unlimited design options to be experimented with before actually
implementing them. This technology also helps in providing interactive designs
that make the customer feel as if he is in the actual place.

​What equipment do I need to create a 360 VR tour?

To create a 360 VR tour, you need a high-quality 360-degree camera to capture the space, VR glasses to view the
tours, and software to stitch and edit photos and videos to create an interactive experience.

This equipment ensures realistic tours that allow customers to fully explore the property.